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Chat Transcripts

06/14/2007 ‘Pre-chat’ transcript
06/14/2007 Transcript
06/17/2007 Transcript
06/19/2007 Chat 1
06/19/2007 Chat 2
06/24/2007 Transcript
06/26/2007 Transcript
06/28/2007 Chat Transcript – it displays my name as ‘Jacqueline Baum’ instead of ‘Jeffrey Tatanus’ because I was on my friend’s computer… I don’t have some strange online gender-confused persona. 😉
07/05/2007 Transcript
07/08/2007 Transcript
07/09/2007 Chat
7/15/2007 Chat
07/17/2007 Chat Transcript
07/20/2007 Chat Transcript
07/24/2007 Chat 1
07/24/2007 Chat 2


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